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Free cartoon animation – Make your own animation using 2d free animation software.

Although 3d animation field has become very popular. Not all artists are fascinated by it. Many people adore 2d animation and some just do not want to waste months acquiring the technical skills to start practicing 3d .

There are some amazing 2d animation programs available for free download. Those free animation software programs usually easier to use than 3d software. The level of technical skills required for fluent usage of the programs varies between the different 2d animation programs.

free 2d animation software


Free animation software used to produce traditional style animation. It lets you create bitmap as well as vector graphics. The program is not intended to replace flash and is nowhere similar to it. It is intended to keep the simplicity and simulate the workflow of traditional animators. Very professional results can be accomplished using this free cartoon animation program. Using it you can make your own animation easily and effectively.

Monkey Jam

Another free 2D program is Monkey Jam. It is not a software to create all of the cartoon features in it. It is a very simple tool, designed to created very specific tasks. With the help of monkey jam you will be able to put all of your pre-made frames together. The program is most suitable for people making hand drawn or stop motion animation. An easy to use programs that helps traditional animators arrange and display their work.

Pivot Animator

Make your own animation easily , without having special drawing skills using Pivot stick figure Animator. This is a free animation software that allows you to create animations based on stick figures. You can use it to create straight forward stick figure animations or you can use detailed character which will be animated based on stick figure joints. The result files can be saved as gifs. 

​You can make some really fun animated clips using this software. To edit and add sound tracks you will need some kind of video editor. Pivot animator does not have built in video editing options. You can find a list of free video editing programs here

Tupi ( previously called KToon)

Another free software for 2d animators is Tupi. This one started as  Ktoon that at its early stages only worked on Linux operation system. New releases were constantly released. Tupi is available for mac and windows . The software allows simple vector illustrations and has an animation module.

Synfig is another great 2d animation software available for free. You can read all about it here.