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Make your own cartoon character and make your own animation online without any drawing skills, animator’s abilities or technical knowledge of any animation software.

Cartoons and animated movies are enjoyable entertainment for people of all ages. Some people love watching them so much that they dream about making them on their own. With today's technology , people without prior education in animation or design can create animated clips.

Animation and cartoon character design can be made just for fun. You can use if for making your Facebook surroundings more amusing or styling your profile pictures in forums. The animated clips can also be used for commercial use , like promoting your products or your website.

There are some amazing websites online which will allow you to make your own animation and even create your own cartoon character:

Go Animate:

Goanimate.com is one of those wonderful websites that allows users without prior animation knowledge create amuzing little videos. You can make your own animation or make your own cartoon character online without downloading any animation software or any software for that matter. You need no drawing skills. Be packed with good imagination and you are ready to create.

The go animate library presents you with different body types you can use when you are making your own cartoon character. You can re-size those; add all other features from the library: eyes, lips, different clothes and sub objects like glasses, helmets and more. The library is very big so you can create a unique cartoon character.

You can start animating your character right away. There are many pre-made animations you can apply to the characters .  There are walking animations, dancing animations , running animations and many more.

To make your own animation you can use your own background pictures and object pictures or use  pictures from the library. This online tool can even allows you to add layers of sound effects. You can add music, sound effects and even record your voice.

The coolest things is that you can easily embed the cartoons created by you to any application you want.  You can share it on Facebook , you can post it to your website, twitter and more.​


If the awesome tools in go animate weren't impressive enough,  you can now use 3dvia.com to make your own 3d models without prior 3d knowledge.  You can even make a 3d model of yourself using your own photographs. You can create your character from scratch or base your model on the offered templates. After creating your model you can place it on any 3d scene you like and start using it. You can off course save an image of your model and upload it to you Facebook profile or any other public profile you use.

Movie Storm

Movie Storm is another really cool and easy to use application, that allows you to make your own cartoon characters in 3d. Create a 3d scene,edit it and finally make your own animation in 3d without any 3d modeling. Unfortunately this one is not available online and you have to install the software, but the installation process is not complicated.

After creating your 3d characters you can insert them into the scene and start animating those using custom movements just like in Sims game. You can make your characters speak and interact with one another. Then you start the filming process. You place cameras on the set and start recording you animations. Then you can edit it, still using movie storm, add titles and other texts. Finally you can render your animation and upload it to movie storm or YouTube. After you uploaded it on YouTube you can embed the animation anywhere you like. This tool is truly awesome.