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Make your own game

There are several articles on this websites that discuss the subject of creating your own animation , 3D models and videos. Not long ago I started to develop an interest in another field of computer graphics – the game design. Haven’t you always wandered what it really takes to make your own game.

Platforms for making games:

make your own games

Well I have for some time, and apparently it takes much less than I used to think. The field is off course not new, and is actually one of the most profitable in the cg industry. It is growing all the time , and now days with the release of iPhone and iPod it gained some new twists and possibilities. What amazed me the most is how approachable the field of game design and development became to a general cg artist/developer. There are different web applications and software that allow you to make your own game easily with and without coding knowledge. You can make a game for  PC , mac, web and publish it on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Different levels of iPhone and iPod games can also be created using the different platforms available on the web.

There are plenty of different software and web applications that can help you make your own game,here is a glance to a list of such applications and software :
RPG Maker,   Game Salad ,   3D Adventure Studio, Game Editor
the list can actually go on and on for several pages, but  I would like to focus your attention on the Unity 3D software.

Unity Game Engine:

Unity 3D is a game development platform I got most fascinated with. I started using it only few weeks ago(August,2011). And I can honestly say that I’m in love. The interface is very intuitive, the graphical possibilities are amazing. Another great thing about this software is that the basic version (which has everything you need to make your own game) is free.

You can create games for PC, mac and web using it. I’m actually on the get to know bases with this software right now, but it allowed me to create small games on the first two days I’ve used it.

It requires some coding knowledge to make your own game using Unity 3D. You can get around with some basic code understanding just by following example codes and example projects. There are plenty of tutorials online and on unity website itself.  The tutorial materials are very thorough and allow everyone to realize themselves and their vision. If you want to get serious I would most definitely recommend you to use Unity 3D to make your own game.

With this amazing game development software you are not limited to PC , mac or web games creation. You can also make a game for iPhone, iPod or android. You have to get the appropriate plugin for that purpose, it is not free but the price is very reasonable. What I really love about this software is that the coding is done inside the graphical interface so it easy enough to follow along with it even if you are not an experienced coder. It doesn’t limit you to a specific game style , like many other applications with strong graphical interfaces do. It’s just great. Try it and make your gaming dream a reality !


Since 2013 Unity ios and android basic licences are free. So indie developers can create their games without major expenses. It has been few years since I discovered this gaming engine. I still love it and the possibilities it opens up for new and professional designers and developers.